Habilect is complying to Federal Law 152

Sk Legal assessed the Habilect as complying to Federal Law 152

The Skolkovo Intellectual Property Center (Skolkovo Legal) has completed a voluntary assessment of Habilect Company for compliance with legal requirements of the law of personal data protection. The Sk Legal has highly appreciated the level of protection of Habilect’s clients and partners, and the identified shortcomings have been eliminated by the cooperation of the Sk Legal and Habilect specialists. 

For us, the protection of personal data of clients and partners is not so much a legal necessity as a level of service and a guarantee of good relations. After all, if you trust a person, then it is much more pleasant and effective to deal with him (her). – According to General Director Habilect, Aleksei Kozlov, – the Skolkovo Legal specialists have done a great job, real experts in their work: they patiently answer questions, help with finding the right formulations, and are deeply involved in the client’s processes, rather than sending templates for filling in“. 

For future work on intellectual property protection and legal support, Habilect plans to hand over to Skolkovo Legal.

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