Innovative medical systems

Habilect sytems

Diagnostics and Rehabilitation

Habilet is a markerless system for diagnostics and rehabilitation. Without sensors on the patient’s body or platform, the doctor receives an assessment of balance, gait, joint load, plus a rehabilitation complex with biofeedback with augmented reality and motivation games.

The system is as simple as possible: training takes about 2 hours for both doctors, and specialists. The complex can be used both for work in the clinic, and for remote rehabilitation, with no differences for the doctor or the patient.


Free trials

We are ready to provide free trial periods for testing in the regions where our partners are present, or organize online demonstrations for you and your colleagues.

One system for all tasks

One hardware Habilet system contains a number of programs for different tasks: from games to the motion lab at once


Ready-made protocols or arbitrary tests


And without platforms. Laser-optical system


Doctor-Patient with delayed analysis

3D Balance Assessment

Measurements of balance in dynamics and space


ICF Course Templates or your author's sets

Automatic reports

Comparative and for each task separately


Instant adjustments from the system for patients

Expert data

Huge data set for researches and everyday tasks


Our solutions

Our systems are created only by your request! Each button, each report and section are your and your colleagues’ ideas.

Rehabilitation System

More than 150 exercises, more than 3500 variants of tasks, biofeedback with augmented reality.

Motion lab

More than 40 evaluation parameters, instant result and reports, patient preparation time is about 10 seconds.

Diagnostic System

Launch in one step, automatic evaluation and results preparation, including reports.

System for Patient

Rehabilitation at home, with immediate feedback from the system and delayed analysis by the doctor.

Doctor's workstation

Complete control of all Habilet systems and patient profiles, including remote ones, in one place.

Online Academy

At any time, our clients can refresh their knowledge of our systems in the online Academy. This is our footage of how to use the systems with testing and certificate preparation at the end of the course. In addition, here we provide master classes on new system features and their applicability in specific cases from the best practices of your colleagues. 

Knowledge Base

Here you will find descriptions of popular test protocols, rating scales and other useful practical knowledge. In addition, the Base presents the results of published research on the effectiveness of Habilet systems with applicability to specific diseases, rehabilitation and diagnostic methods used.

They work with us

Clients, partners and friends – we not only create medical systems, but also conduct research, unite the best manufacturers and support young scientists

Not just a "Maintenance"

We constantly release new systems, updates and additions. To ensure that you always have all the opportunities, we have made the service “Continuum Care”

Instead of a nominal “Maintenance” you get a high-quality, profitable service: fully verified equipment, trained staff and new systems without additional costs.

In addition, the possibility of working with remote patients at home, access to the Habilet Academy and responsible technical audit of our systems.

Permanent guarantee

Warranty works for the whole duration of the service.


Home versions of the systems are connected to clinical

All systems

Not only updates, but also new products


The Academy, master classes and materials are available