Distant rehabilitation

Especially for home use created a personal Habilect complex. It is much smaller, it connects to the TV at home, and the exercises are no different from those in the clinic.

Instant adjustments if the task is not performed as prescribed by the physician

Under medical supervision

A doctor can check task performance reports at a convenient moment

Remote Control

Doctor controls and changes the tasks and composition from the clinic

Daily progress

Statistics will show each attempt of each task for a day or average task for a month

How it works

During the lessons, the patient sees himself with virtual markings on the body, hints, instructions and indicators. Performs the exercises under the guidance of the system, and the doctor receives final reports and statistics on each attempt of each exercise.
Form clinics

1. Home-use complexes can be purchased for clinic and rented out, together with specialist support services.
2. The complexes can be immediately requested from Habilect for patient course. The patient pays for the course at once at the clinic, we bill the clinic and give the already activated complex to the client for the duration of the rehabilitation course.

For physician and specialist

For a doctor, working with a remote patient is no different from working with an appointment in the clinic. The patient works according to a pre-created course of exercises, all statistics are automatically sent to the Habilect complex in the clinic and to the H.Doc doctors' workplaces. If a statistical analysis of the results shows that the patient needs to change the prescription, this is also done at the Habilect complex or the H.Doc workstation and the changes are automatically sent to the patient.

For patients

The home complex will be delivered directly to your home, already with an activated profile and tasks from your doctor. You need to connect it to a TV (HDMI cable), home Wi-Fi network (or via Ethernet cable) and start training. The complex is calibrated automatically when switched on, automatically sends the statistics of exercises to the doctor and automatically receives task updates from the doctor. At the end of the prescribed course, the complex will be locked until the task updates or system return.

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