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Traumas and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, patients after hip and knee replacement.

Authors: Smirnov M.V, Ushakova M.V, Misyuk G.V.
InstitutionsTerve – a Russian-Finnish medical center. Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Год: 2017
To determine the effectiveness of rehabilitation for patients with traumatological and orthopedic profile with the use of multimedia complex Habilect in order to increase the effectiveness of recovery measures.

Materials and methods:

Patients with upper limb injuries – 12 people. Patients with lower limb injuries – 16 people. Patients after endoprosthetics – 4 people. The age category is from 19 to 65 years old, among patients at that time there was one child 9 years with Ds: post-traumatic contracture of the right elbow joint. All patients were on rehabilitation in the post-immobilization period, 73% of them were after surgical treatment of injuries of the upper and lower extremities.

The course of treatment was from 8 to 10 days. Training with the help of Habilet rehabilitation complex was carried out in combination with passive and active mechanotherapy, massage and physiotherapy.

  • Training at Habilet rehabilitation center allows increasing the volume of movement, improving muscle and joint feeling, which helps restore motor skills in case of injuries.
  • The use of Habilet multimedia complex contributes to more effective rehabilitation of patients after prolonged immobilization of upper and lower limbs. Due to the presence of biofeedback, the patient involves in the work of the muscles that previously did not work, faster recovery of muscle imbalance.
  • Available games allow you to activate proprioreceptors, which facilitates the switching of the pathological dominant, increases patient motivation.

As a result of the testing of multimedia rehabilitation complex Habilect, there are undoubtedly advantages:

  • diagnosis of the patient’s movements at the beginning of rehabilitation
  • possibility of graphic display of the result and observation in dynamics
  • the use of games in rehabilitation allows to switch the pathological dominance of movement formed as a result of an injury more quickly
  • the ability to do the exercises – sitting on a chair
  • possibility to use weights, elastic bands, weights, dumbbells
  • possibility to include several courses of exercises
  • the ability to change the complexity of the exercises if the patient is not succeeding.

Results and discussions:
As a result of conducted research, it was found that the use of Habilect multimedia rehabilitation complex is effective for patients who have undergone trauma even after joint endoprosthetic operations.

System application

This system was used to prepare the materials and methods discussed in current publication

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