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Fukuda test

Purpose: The Fukuda test is used to diagnose the causes of vertigo.

Execution protocol: The patient closes his eyes, stretches his arms forward, and starts walking on the spot, raising his knees above the normal step (approximately 45-60 degrees). The sample is performed for 1 minute, at approximately 1 step per second.

Results evaluation: The Fukuda test is evaluated by the degree of deviation from the initial position, the displacement from the initial point and the direction of displacement.

Normally, the deviation does not exceed 30 degrees. In this case, a unilateral peripheral lesion of the vestibular system causes the patient to rotate towards the affected labyrinth during the test. The central lesion will lead to the presence of a pronounced marching ataxia, and the deviation may be in either direction, and there may be falls or turns towards the presence of a pathological process involving the cerebellum.

Lack of displacement or backward movement, especially when combined with wide swinging, is considered a gross violation. The direction of displacement may indicate lateralization of the peripheral lesion.

NameDescriptionUnit of measurementNorm
Displacement DistanceDistance between points in the horizontal projection plane of a person’s position from the moment of the beginning of the test to the moment of the end of the test.cmValue in the range from 20 to 100 cm.
Displacement DirectionAngle in the horizontal plane between the forward direction line (sagittal line) of the human body in the initial position and the vector connecting the initial and final position of the person.degrees (positive direction – counterclockwise)The value ranges from -30 to +30 degrees. The direction of displacement to the rear hemisphere is considered a particularly serious violation.
Body RotationAngle in the horizontal plane between the front line of the human body in the initial position and the front line of the human body in the final position.degrees (positive direction – counterclockwise)The value ranges from -30 to +30 degrees.
Penalty MarksFor each violated criterion specified above, 1 point is added.pointsValue = 0.

Ready-made protocol

A biomechanical test using this protocol can be evaluated in the H.MotionLAB using a ready-made report

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